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Fans & industry professionals are highly anticipating the release of Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew. Read the full press release here.

For press & media requests, please reach out to us directly here. You can also request a copy of the book below. All requests will be considered based on the influence & intent of the source. 

Softcover  |  978-0-9988217-1-9

48 Pages, and over 50 Color and Black & White Photographs, printed in Premium Color on 70 lb. paper.

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About the Authors

Mike - July 5, 1994

Mike - July 5, 1994

Michael Sharon is not a professional photographer. His work has appeared in moving boxes and attics from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC, and is the founder of First Division Press.

Michael Sharon
First Division Press, East Coast Office

Tim - July 5, 1994

Tim - July 5, 1994

As a music journalist, Tim Kenneally has interviewed hundreds of bands and artists including Joe Strummer, John Paul Jones, Tool, Sublime, Primus and, of course, Green Day. He currently covers entertainment-industry news, but don't hold that against him. Tim Kenneally is not the founder of First Division Press, but he is certainly glad that Mike Sharon is.

Tim Kenneally
First Division Press, West Coast Office

About First Division PresS

GREEN DAY RISING: BEFORE THE DOOKIE FLEW is the debut title from First Division Press. Based in Charlotte, NC, the press was founded by Michael Sharon in 2017 with the goal of publishing unique titles not typically produced by large publishing houses. Future publications may (or may not) include:

·An Illustrated Guide to Illustrations (Spring 2018)

·Jones: America’s Favorite Family Tree! (Fall 2018)

·Learn to Speak German Like An American (Summer 2019)

·Kittens: Nature’s Serial Killers (Winter 2020)

·LOST: The Autobiography of Dora The Explorer (Spring 2021)


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