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Before the dookie flew

Green Day Rising: Before The Dookie Flew is a new book that documents one of the most important moments in the band's history: Their last Bay Area gig before they hit superstardom." -- Alternative Press (AP)

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On July 5, 1994, Green Day was poised to emerge from the punk cocoon of 924 Gilman Street and develop into a band that has delivered a decades-long run of bird-flipping, thought-provoking and hit-making music.

But before they grabbed headlines by inciting a mass mud fight at Woodstock ‘94 and ignited the charts with blistering punk salvos like “Welcome to Paradise” and “When I Come Around,” Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool bid one last goodbye to the small-club scene of the Bay Area, playing an intimate show at San Francisco nightclub Slim’s to host a bon-voyage party that still rattles the minds of the lucky few who attended.

“Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew” captures the band at the cusp of mainstream success with dozens of never-before-seen photos and on-the-scene reporting, delivering an intimate portrait of a phenomenon-to-be that obscurity couldn’t confine, genre couldn’t define and the world had no idea was coming.

Lead Vocals, Guitar / Billie Joe Armstrong
Bass / Mike Dirnt
Drums / Tré Cool





"For anyone raised on DIY bands and zines, the Green Day Rising is an endearing look at a group that lead millions across the globe to discover punk rock for the first time." -- NEW NOISE Magazine


"K! go inside the awesome new book, Green Day Rising: Before The Dookie Flew, that unearths never-before-seen shots from Green Day's wild early years. Now, can someone invent a time machine, so we can go back for real, please?" -- KERRANG!


"A great look into an important moment in one of punks' most influential bands. Although you may not have been in attendance that night, "Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew" takes you there via stories, photos, interviews and articles." -- READJUNK (4 Stars)


"Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew -- written by Michael Sharon and Tim Kenneally -- is chock-full of dozens of never-before-seen Green Day photos, which helps paint an intimate picture of the young dudes before their careers took off." -- SF Weekly


"Chances are very few have seen these photos, which is unlike other photo books that feature images you can find in a simple Google search. Whether you've been following the band since Kerplunk or are a new fan, this book brings you back to a time when Green Day wasn't selling out stadiums around the world." -- AXS


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